Medieval Swords, Weapons, Medieval and Ancient Armor, Medieval Jewelry, Civil War Weapons and a lot More!


Our catalog contains some of the highest quality replicas of medieval weapons, swords, armor and accessories that have ever been made. The catalog includes medieval weaponry, medieval swords, fantasy and barbarian weapons, full suits of armor, samurai and ninja swords, katanas, civil war swords and civil war swords, daggers and more. We also offer medieval and dungeon decorative items such as: leg shackles and chains, medieval padlocks and medieval handcuffs. Simply there are a lot of items that can be used for unique medieval style decoration.

 Our collection also includes medieval figurines of knights and samurai warriors. We also offer dragon figurines that are hand crafted in cold resin and hand painted to the smallest detail. The catalog also includes a vast collection of Celtic, medieval and renaissance jewelry made from Sterling silver and pewter. We have pendants, necklaces, brooches, pins, bracelets and slave bracelets. Please, check out our collection of medieval and fantasy pendants. All of these items are available from us, designers of medieval weapons and armor. Modern knights count on us for the very best in both medieval armor and swords. All of the items listed in our catalog are of exceptional quality and satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, return any item within 30 days for a full refund less shipping charges. Refer to our catalog filled with swords, armor for complete details. Our battle ready swords can be used for reenactment, SCA or theatrical stage purposes. The Stage Steel swords come with blunt edges to reduce chance of injury while sword fighting or practicing.


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