Ritter Steel® Authentics

Walking down a small foot path thru the mountains in Bavaria we discovered a small medieval weapons workshop with dirt floors hardened from centuries of toil. Inside a lone "Metalschmeide" (metal smith) produces and repairs medieval weapons for castles in Germany with the same techniques passed from generation to generation for over 500 years. We were enthralled with all that we saw! Unfortunately we were only allowed to purchase a few of these medieval weapons as this old time family craftsman does not desire or have the time to produce items in quantity. Since we knew our customers would love to revel in the splendor of owning their own "Authentics" museum quality medieval weapons, we had our skilled RitterSteel® craftsmen faithfully reproduce these functional medieval weapons of the Medieval Age and earlier with the same quality and many of the techniques that were used to produce the originals!

The RitterSteel® "Authentics™" Collection is an incredible collection of medieval weaponry which look like they came right out of a museum or castle. Craftsman faithfully reproduce these functional ancient weapons of the Medieval Age and earlier with some of the same methods as were used to produce the originals. The "Authentics™" collection would make any collector proud to own, and at a surprisingly affordable price. To round out our offerings we have  spears, halberds and for good measure a flail with steel spikes over 2-1/2" long! 

Medieval Dussack Knife
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The Dussack sword cutlass is a curious sabre that dates back to Europe's early 1600's. Each Dussack sword is made from a single piece of steel and is clearly a "no frills" cutting weapon!
Price: $169.00
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