Braided Leather Giant Samurai Sword - Elite

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We are proud to offer our RitterSteel® Braided Leather Giant Samurai, a handmade “work of art” for those who seek a functional Giant Samurai Sword in traditional Japanese styling.

Our RitterSteel® Brown Braided Leather Collection comprises the esthetic great looks and functionality befitting the modern Samurai warrior. These swords are the real deal… comprising the materials, esthetic beauty and functionality befitting the legacy of the Samurai! Each RitterSteel® Brown Braided Leather sword sports a high carbon steel blade which is hand pounded and forged over hot coals, using many of the original techniques passed down through the generations of ancient sword smiths.  A traditional solid copper habaki is then hand fitted to each fully functional blade. The tsuba and end cap are individually hand cast in solid brass for functionality and beauty. The workmanship put into this collection attests to each sword being an authentically functional original work of art! Each piece comes complete with its own scabbard hand made from wood, and covered in brown leather as shown. It pairs nicely with other models from our RitterSteel® Brown Braided Leather Collection series of swords and is a must for every Samurai collection. While others have tried to imitate, none can duplicate our quality swords

This katana features a huge 40" blade! The overall length of this giant Japanese katana samurai sword is: 53-1/2". Brown sheath included. Item #20362

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